Letters for increased face-to-face contact time


Frequently Asked Questions


Please not that if you have not completed the online questionnaire regarding Year 10 and Year 12 school-based provision, we will not be able to accommodate your child in school. The questionnaire can be found here and must be completed by 12 noon on WEDNESDAY 10TH  JUNE:

For Year 10 click here

For Year 12 click here



  • Without a completed questionnaire then your child will not be allowed to attend during the week commencing 15 June. This is because we have strict risk assessments in place and will not have the staffing in school to support unscheduled arrivals by students.
  • The advice school has been given by the DfE is that "if a pupil or staff member lives with someone who is clinically vulnerable they should only be in school if stringent social distancing can be adhered to and, in the case of children, they are able to understand and follow those instructions." Given the plans we have in place should allow us to maintain beyond 2m social distancing, we are confident that pupils who fall into this category can attend school safely. However, parents will need to carefully consider how their child is going to get to and from school to ensure that both themselves and school can be satisfied that any risk is manageable. If you have any concerns about this, please contact school on [email protected] to discuss your circumstances with a member of the leadership team.
  • This is a personal choice and your child may wear a facemask if they choose. We would remind you that as of 15th June is mandatory to wear a face covering if using public transport.
  • There will be no formal registration period but your child will be registered as they arrive at school. If we are expecting your child and they do not attend then we will follow our normal absence notification procedures.
  • No, each student will be given an individual timetable that they must follow. We will be in contact to confirm the days and times that your child should attend before Monday 15th June

School will look very different for students, with yellow markings 2m apart outside the teaching spaces, strict one way systems in place, individual tables more than 2m apart and hand sanitisation units on the entrance to every teaching space. You can have a closer look on the pictures below

Entry to the Year 12 teaching area showing social distancing marks


Area for Year 10 students entering the main school hall to line up, showing social distancing marks


As students approach the entrance, there are instructions on the doors and walls


Students will sanitise their hands every time they enter the building, including between lessons.


Main school hall set up as a teaching area for Year 10 – all tables are more than 2m apart and windows and doors will be left open.


All Year 12 classrooms that are to be used have seats at least 2M apart and are marked so that students can socially distance whilst being taught. Windows and doors will be left open.


For Year 12, the one way system that is in operation is clearly marked around the building


  • Although we believe these sessions will add value, we are aware that not everybody can attend and so they are designed to supplement the online learning all pupils are completing and that the DfE has advised ‘should remain their predominant mode of education during this term’. Pupils will still have video and resource input from their teachers as well as individual interaction via Microsoft Teams.
  • No they won’t but all powerpoint resources will be shared with all pupils on Teams following the session.
  • If they wish to bring a snack and some water then they are more than welcome to, remembering that they cannot share these with any other pupils and must take all containers and bottles home with them, to avoid contamination.
  • Year 10 students will not be taught by their usual teacher but will be grouped and taught by subject specialists
  • Year 12 students, wherever possible, WILL be taught by one of their usual teachers. If this is not possible then the teacher will be a subject specialist.
  • No. Only 25% of the cohort is allowed into school on one day. Year 10 will attend one morning a week and Year 12 will attend one or two sessions a week. This will be reviewed w/b 22nd June where we may seek to expand our offer further.
  • Absolutely not. The government have stated that ALL absences will be authorised this term and that no fines will be given out for non-attendance. The decision whether or not to send your child to school is yours.
  • In the event your child has grown out of their school uniform, uniform is still available from PC Sports. If you feel you will be unable to provide uniform between now and your first day, please contact Mrs Ward via [email protected]
  • No. Once we know who will be attending, school will put the groups and timings together based on form groups in Year 10 and subject choices in Year 12. As soon as this has been arranged, we will inform families. We cannot allocate sessions based on parental or pupil requests or preference. If you are concerned about any issues surrounding this then please contact your child’s pastoral leader to discuss further.
  • No. Pupils will be seated in the order they line up and as directed by the teacher in order to minimise pupil contact
  • Yes. If possible they should bring their exercise books and pencil cases. In the event they no longer have this equipment, school will be able to provide them with a limited amount of equipment.
  • Unfortunately not. Staff are still working remotely and any staff who are in school will be teaching sessions. It is important that your child does not arrive on the premises early or try to stay late to speak to someone. If they wish to contact a teacher or member of staff then they can do so using the chat facility on Microsoft Teams or via the school email.
  • No. There will be no access to the lockers; pupils will keep their belongings with them at all times. If your child has left something in their lockers that they wish to collect then this must be done through the online booking system as they need to be supervised.
  • No. The entrance from the school playing fields will not be open and there will be no access between the maths block and the main school, due to the building works that are going on. Year 10 can only enter via Fieldhead Road and Year 12 can only enter via Back Lane.
  • Unfortunately, we need to restrict the number of people accessing the site and therefore ask parents not to accompany their child into the school grounds. If you have any concerns about your child coming back and wish to discuss their return to school then please do not hesitate to contact their pastoral leader on [email protected]