All students have different sets of skills and want to take different directions in life, and at Sixth Form level these differences become important. We want to ensure that we give students the opportunity to use their skills and personalities to achieve their goals in the best way they can. For this reason, we offer two different types of qualifications; A level subjects and Applied subjects. Please be aware that it is entirely possible for students to mix qualifications if they wish.

This is the traditional academic route, and these subjects are almost entirely exam based, taught in a formal classroom setting, and require a traditional academic approach to succeed. A levels typically lead to university, especially on traditional academic courses, and in some cases employment or higher level apprenticeships.

A level subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, English Language, English Literature, Further Maths, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History, Maths, Music, Photography, Physics, Religious Studies, Spanish.

This route is a different approach to ‘A level’ standard qualifications. These are Level 3 (A level equivalent) qualifications but are a combination of coursework, project work and some exams (roughly 40% exam 60% coursework). These are a better option for students who are well motivated and who have proved to be at a sound academic level, but find it difficult to perform in exam conditions and learn better through project work. Students will still need to take the equivalent of three A level subjects, which may be to take a combination of Applied subjects and A levels.

Level 3 Applied subjects are ‘A level’ equivalents at the following grades; Dist* = A*, Dist = A, Merit = C, Pass = E. They are accepted as such by the vast majority of university courses and are especially suitable for more vocational degrees such as Business Studies courses.

Applied Subjects:

IT, Business, PE.

1 Year Subjects

If students wish to study either of the 1 Year subjects, then they must ALSO choose three A level or Applied subjects.

1 Year Subjects: Core Maths, EPQ.

Entry into different careers and university courses can depend on specific courses being taken. For more information speak to Mrs Button, Deputy Director of KS5.