We like to think that Sixth Form is a partnership between the students, their parents, and the staff. We like to keep parents involved and informed. The new academic year starts with a welcome letter to parents and an invite to the welcome evening. Parent/carers can meet the Sixth Form mentors, get to see where their child will be spending their time and find out more about the year ahead. Important dates for Year 12 are:

  • Week 1 – Welcome Evening
  • Week 5 – Review of subject choices
  • Week 10 – Review fortnight – you will receive feedback from us on whether or not targets are being met and work ethic
  • Week 13 – Parents' Evening
  • Week 17 - Mock Examinations
  • Week 22 – Review fortnight
  • Week 30 – Mock Examinations
  • Week 35 – Parents’ Evening
  • Week 40 – School closes
  • 19 August (nearest Thursday) – GCE/A level results

 We promise to keep you informed and we have a dedicated e-mail address whereby parents can contact the Director of Post 16 directly.

Through the School Executive Council, Sixth Form Committee and Student Voice, all can have a voice in the management of the Sixth Form. Students negotiate what’s on offer in the Sixth Form food bar; there is a large TV in the common room which can be tuned in to major events; speakers have been fitted into the ceiling so students can play their own music at breaks and lunchtimes; a plasma screen displays notices and information.

We also have a dedicated computer suite so that pupils can work independently. We like to think that we listen to our students to support them in their transition from school to the real world.