Examination Board: AQA

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a Level 3 qualification, equivalent to half an A2 and can be graded A* - E.

This course is a one year course. If students wish to study EPQ then they must ALSO choose three A level or Applied subjects.

Learners may choose to take the EPQ as an extension from their other A2 qualifications or explore areas of personal interest or activity outside the main programme of study.

Delivery of the EPQ will involve some teaching of the relevant skills (1 lesson per week), plus mentoring and supervision of the learner’s progress. It will also involve extended independent work by the learner.

Learners are required to:

  • choose an area of interest
  • draft a project title
  • draft aims of the project
  • plan, research and carry out the project
  • provide evidence of all stages of project production
  • deliver a presentation to a specified audience
  • evaluate their final product and their learning journey.

The product can be in the form of a written report of 5000 words or as a performance/artifact, along with a minimum 1000 word report. In either format, learners need to be working at A2 standard. Alongside the project learners complete a Production Log, in this learners record key information. Students should be aware that this is a process qualification, during which they will develop important skills which can enhance performance at university.

There are three parts to the assessment:

  • The Project
  • The Production Log
  • The Presentation

All three aspects are assessed by the Centre and moderated by an external moderator.