Why study Biology? Global warming, antibiotic resistance, famine, recycling..... these are just a few of the problems facing mankind today. As we understand how living things work and how they interact with their environment, Biologists will be able to develop new ways of solving the problems we all face. We can already alter the genetics of living things to enable them to produce important drugs or cope with difficult environments. Imagine designing an organism to do a specific job. Biologists will be the engineers of the future.

Students are expected to write an essay in the exam and carry out various statistical tests. A level Biology combines well with A level Chemistry, Geography and PE.
A Level Biology grades will only be made up of the exam results students gain at the end of their A level course. There will be no coursework content but 15% of marks for A level exams will be based on the understanding and interpretation of practical work. Students will be awarded a separate endorsement of practical skills which will be assessed by teachers.

It is a challenging and varied subject, covering everything from biochemistry through cells and systems, to how whole organisms interact with their environment. You will be expected to take part in the Biology field trip. It will be hard work, but very rewarding.
Paper 1 Content Paper 2 Content Paper 3 Content
Biological Molecules Energy transfers in and between organisms All content
Cells Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environment All practical skills
Organisms exchange substances with their
Genetics, populations and evolution systems Essay
Genetic information, variation and
relationships between organisms
Control of gene expression Practical skills  
76 marks: mixture of short and long answer
76 marks: mixture of short and long answer questions 38 marks: structured questions, including practical techniques
15 marks extended response questions 15 marks: comprehension question 15 marks: critical analysis of given experimental data
2 hour written paper 2 hour written paper 25 marks: one essay from a choice of two titles
35% of A level 35% of A level 2 hour written paper
    30% of A level


If you are interested in healthcare careers , (e.g. Midwifery, Medicine, Dentistry, Speech Therapy etc.), Pharmacology, Genetic Engineering or any other area of Biology, then this course will provide a firm foundation.