We were called ‘Friends of Guiseley School’ for a while. But we realised that every time we talked about FOGS we had to say “It’s kind of like the school Parent Teacher Association.” So we thought we might as well just be Guiseley School PTA!

The PTA is a way to meet other people interested in the school – ex students, parent/carers, grannies, friends and our neighbours - everyone is welcome. We’ve two main roles:

We act as a way to represent issues which are concerning parents to staff in a fairly informal way – it might be about changes to rules, uniform or curriculum queries. Or it could be about the myriad other things which we all come across from time to time and wonder ‘why do they do that?’.

We also raise money to put the ‘icing on the cake.’ We've helped make sure there is a piano fit for pupils to use for exams, refurbished the weights rooms, provided lighting and staging to help with drama and music, scientific and engineering specialist equipment, up-to-date language kit and much more.

We welcome fresh ideas and new members – you don’t have to come along to everything, but anything you can add to the mix will help. For example, we could do with help with publicity and someone to act as Treasurer. Please get in touch with us if you think you could help or you want to know more.



We normally have one quiz night each year. Our quiz master and question setter is looking at another one outside the school at a local hostelry as the prelude to the pre-Christmas season. So keep your eyes open for updates about quiz plans!

We aim to have two meetings each term - one to carry out formal PTA business and the other in conjunction with the school's leadership team offering parents and families a chance to get expert advice about topics we know are of concern or interest.

If you want to contact the PTA, you can email [email protected] or leave a message with the school reception. We’ll respond as soon as we can.