The dropping off and collecting of children in the streets immediately surrounding Guiseley School can have an impact on residents’ ability to park their own vehicles and on occasions leave their own drives. Hawksworth Avenue and Fieldhead Drive should not be used as a cut through. Hawksworth Avenue is clearly signed as ‘Access Only’ to that street and is not an access route to the school.

Please, may we ask that parents/carers do not drop off and collect their children on Fieldhead Road or Fieldhead Drive. This causes all sorts of problems for our neighbours who need to be able to get in and out of their drives and in and out of both Fieldhead Road and Fieldhead Drive. More importantly, it increases the risk to our students who are trying to walk safely to and from school. There really is no need to drive so close to the school. If parents have to drive their children in, then please drop them off well away from Fieldhead Road and Fieldhead Drive. A short walk will do them no harm at all!

These are residential areas and it is unfair to expect residents, as well as the students, to suffer the environmental impacts the additional traffic brings and to have to come out and ask parents/carers to move their cars so they can get in or out of their drives.

Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.