Injury and Illness

The school is sympathetic to students during a period of treatment following a significant injury/illness. We are especially appreciative of the considerable efforts of such students (and their parents/carers) to attend school and carry on with ordinary routines as much as possible. However, please be aware that Insurance and Health and Safety considerations necessitate that students returning to school in these circumstances must adhere to the following protocol:

  • Before the student may return to school after a significant injury/illness a certificate/letter must be obtained from the GP/hospital giving consent to attend school 
  • Any student using crutches, or with significant mobility issues, will require a risk assessment to be completed before they may be readmitted to school. The risk assessment needs to be agreed with their parent/carer 
  • Arrangements are to be made with the school to discuss how and when the student will return to school. An appointment may be made at a convenient time to see a member of staff in the Student Support Centre by phoning us on 01943 872315 option 2 or emailing the school on [email protected] 
  • Please note that students may not return to school until this meeting has been held

This Protocol is without prejudice to any student with a long-term disability and who is subject to a personal health plan in the school. Should you have any further queries please contact Reception.

Individual Healthcare Plan

An Individual Healthcare Plan should be completed to notify the school about current/existing medical conditions that are being treated by a medical professional or involve prescribed medication. An example of these types of medical condition would be: asthma; heart condition; allergies requiring the use of an EpiPen; diabetes etc. Please see below for a copy of the Individual Healthcare Plan.

Please note that medical conditions are distinct and separate from medical notes which are usually provided by parents/carers to inform the school of any allergies or medical issues that are managed by the child without prescribed medication and that will not affect their day to day ability to access lessons. This would also include information about previous illnesses/injuries the school may need to know about but that are not currently being treated. An example of these types of medical notes would be: fallen arches; hay fever; allergic to Elastoplast; anxious; eczema etc. If the school has not already been informed of any such medical issues, please notify us by email at [email protected]

Individual Healthcare Plan