Guiseley School would like to introduce INSIGHT to all Parents and Carers. 

INSIGHT is a Parental engagement website and App from Tasc Software which allows you to track your child’s progress including Attendance, Achievements and Behaviour, School Reports, Notices, Detentions and Timetable. Additional features include School Dinners, Personal Details, Extra Curricular Activities and Events Bookings, as well as Parents Evening Bookings (including video calls). Click here to access the INSIGHT website.

In addition to the summary below, you can also find links to the school website, the virtual learning environment and SCOPay, which you can use to add money for school diners, and pay for events or clubs or text books.

Once the app is downloaded you will need to enter the website address into the app which is

or scan the following QR cade in the app.

The Student Snapshot, shows up to date information about achievement points, attendance percentage, behaviour points and timetable.

Notices show all the recent emails, and texts that have been sent to parents / carers accounts. If you use the mobile app version, you will also receive a push notification to your device app. This can be turned on or off.

School dinners show the most recent purchases from the school canteen, so you can keep track of the balance remaining and what your child is eating in school.

The attendance section will show you daily session attendance, as well as statistical information about percentage am/pm attendance and overall percentage attendance.

It will also show attendance at any extra curricular events e.g. after school clubs or sports.

The behaviour section shows all the positive (achievements) and negative (behaviours). In addition to achievements and behaviour, it will show a comparison to the rest of the registration group detentions and report card pages are also found in the behaviour section.

The reports section will show all of the reports published for your child, when they are clicked on they will open in the browser or download to your device as a PDF, which will look similar to the image on the left. These are identical to the reports sent home via email or letter, and can be viewed as soon as they have been published.

You can also book time slots for parents' evening when they are available, download them as calendar events to add to your own diary. The system also allows for video calls, so in the event parents evenings are held virtually, we can still see each other face to face.