At Guiseley School, we use a cashless catering system, so all payments for school meals need to be made online.

Please be aware that there is a delay before money put onto your child’s account appears on their cashless catering balance in the dining hall. It is always best to top-up the evening before if your child’s account is running low. You can also set reminder alerts for when catering funds are running low. Read the quick reference guide to learn how.

The cashless catering system uses the same Tucasi online payments system already in use for school trips & visits; music lessons and book deposits. (The only difference is that the cashless catering payments are sent directly to our caterers, rather than the school’s bank). Click the image below to make an online payment.


We are extremely happy to have Hutchison Catering provide the school with healthy and diverse meals. Hutchison Catering is an established family-owned and run business that has its roots in the North East. The directors, brothers Colin and Andrew Hutchison, are trained chefs whose primary focus has always been the food on the plate. 

We have significant success in transferring school catering contracts over from local authorities and larger organisations as we have always specialised in creating a catering service that works specifically for the client and school rather than adopting a “one box fits all” approach. We specialise in delivering delicious fresh food and food management services to the education sector and we’re delighted to have added Guiseley School to our portfolio.

Our aim is to breathe new life into the food service we provide and encourage customers to discover the love of freshly cooked food. Most importantly, we love what we do. We’d love to hear your feedback and talk to you about our favourite topic – food! We have extensive knowledge of the current School Food Plan and have worked closely with the Children’s Food Trust regarding one of only two pilot schemes nationally to trial the nutrient-based standards before they were introduced.

We support and promote local suppliers who are certified suppliers of produce that is Assured Food Standards, Certified Sustainable Seafood (Marine Stewardship Council and LEAF, linking Environment & Farming and we work with the Food for Life Organisation to support the New School Food Plan to eligible schools throughout the region.

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