5 July 2021

Moving into our new buildings has been very exciting for us all here at Guiseley School. New buildings mean blank canvasses, and it has been hugely satisfying selecting artwork to frame from the wealth of quality student work that we have to choose from. One such contributor is Evie from Year 7, who recently went viral with one of her pieces posted by her Mum to Facebook. Reaching 10,000 likes in just two days is no mean feat and following a wealth of positive feedback for such a lovely painting of the Venice canals by such a young student, regional media soon ran features on Evie’s work.

When asked about her talent, Evie comes across as very grounded and is keen to expand her abilities as much as possible.

“I find the process just very relaxing, and it helps clear my mind,” says Evie. “I’d like to focus next on complicated features, like hands for instance.”

Her first year art teacher, Miss Broughton, is clear in her praise for Evie; “Evie has natural talent - she is so passionate about learning new skills and techniques and I was so proud to see Leeds College of Art compliment and share one of Evie’s fabulous pieces recently. I wish Evie all the best for Year 8 art.”

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