4 May 2021

"For Duke of Edinburgh I did drama, football and for volunteering I helped coach the local under 8's rugby team. I found the volunteering very fun and enjoyed helping the kids develop their rugby skills."

It’s wonderful to see our students embracing the spirit of volunteering, and Erica did just that when working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

"I enjoyed it so much that even though DofE is finished, I continued with the volunteering, and now help coach the micros team every Sunday. I love the community and would recommend people volunteer at local sports clubs when doing DofE as it's great fun and a good way to spend your weekend," says Erica.

We're proud to have students like Erica taking active roles in the local community. Erica is currently working towards her Silver Award and we look forward to sharing details of her successes in the future.

It takes a lot of dedication to participate in Duke of Edinburgh and is a fantastic achievement to complete the award. It is a valuable opportunity to have new experiences and develop a range of skills such as organisational, leadership and teamwork. Expeditions have recently been on hold due to restrictions, but we can look forward to completing these in the future. The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh is open to Year 9 students, with the Silver Award being open to Year 12 students. For further information, please contact Mr Fradley through [email protected].

Tags: student focus