17 March 2021

"Our idea is to create a renewable energy source that is simple and can be used in many places."

The Shell Bright Ideas Challenge is a yearly competition that is designed to spark young people’s curiosity in science and engineering. Last year, young Geographers Caitlin and Bethany entered the competition with a prototype of their invention - a renewable energy source that can be used in multiple locations. 

"Our idea uses a piezoelectric element and water. The water goes into a pipe with the piezoelectric element at the end and is then sealed up before being frozen. When water freezes it expands, so if we fill the pipe around 92-98% full it will create pressure on the piezoelectric element which will create energy. We hope that this quick and easy idea would be of interest to scientists as well as being approved by climate activists as it is an eco-friendly, renewable energy source."

Our Geography department looks forward to entering more interesting ideas from Key Stage 3 students for this year's competition. The theme for the 2021 challenge is to devise innovative solutions that could power cities of the future. Many students have already submitted their inventive ideas, which show a real understanding of the importance of working towards more sustainable urban areas.