9 February 2021

"The work is rewarding especially knowing you are giving a family that comfort in knowing that their loved one is in good care. The perspective change has definitely made me appreciate life a lot more and be grateful for those who I have around me."

Guiseley School student Ron decided to help his community last year by volunteering with the Leeds City Council Emergency Planning Unit. Ron found himself assisting in a number of otherwise unusual tasks such as assembling temporary mortuary units at Pinderfields Hospital and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, as well as participating in a stock take of Rest Centre equipment in the Emergency Planning Stores.

Around this time, Leeds City Council and Wakefield Council jointly funded a new Emergency Mortuary facility in Stourton, and Ron worked to install signage, prepare the shelving and trays for potential patients, and also trained administration staff to use the Pathology Department software, which is used by Leeds General Infirmary to record patient receipt and release information in and out of the facility.

"My time there has been great to give me a new perspective of the world and how everything is handled, and I now have even more respect for those who work in morgues," says Ron.

Ron understands the importance of community-driven work and the value of being a good citizen, especially when faced with difficult tasks.

At Guiseley School, we're proud of the initiative and resolve that Ron has shown in supporting this vitally important work.

Tags: student focus