21 April 2020

Earlier this month, we wrote to parents and carers to outline some key services that are available to support children and families during these unusual and often difficult times. We have now curated this information on our website and will continue to update it regularly. On the menu, you will find a tab for Wellbeing Support and Services. From there you will find specific support with food, money, mental health, online safety, and domestic violence, all of which are key issues across the country. 

We have also added an additional tab for SEND Support which signposts some key websites and resources recommended by the Leeds SENIT team to support families during the lockdown. Both of these sections will be updated over the coming weeks and it is our hope that if you are in need of additional help, as so many families are at the moment, then this collection of services may help to make a difference for you.

In addition, both students and parents/carers will receive a weekly newsletter that has been developed by our Wellbeing Team, and in particular our Pastoral Mentor Lauren Hayward. This is designed to focus in more depth on specific concerns that families within our community are facing, and to recommend ways to respond to these concerns. It will also look more closely at the services that are currently shared via our website. We genuinely hope that you find these updates useful, and even if the information and services we are sharing are not of immediate use, that it is reassuring to know that support is available, should it be required.