12 November 2019

We love to hear about our students' successes both in and out of school. We recently spoke to Amber from Sixth Form who told us a little bit about her hobbies.

"Cycling is something that I love to do outside school, and I originally started at East Bradford Cycling Club. It was here that the amazing coaches taught me the skills to further my ability and this enabled me to compete in several local and national competitions in a variety of disciplines."

“Now that I’m older, I volunteer and help younger cyclists to improve their skills. During lockdown, I've produced a series of videos and photos to illustrate how to do the essential skills to become a well-rounded rider. Even though racing has been postponed, training, skills and activity sessions have continued over Zoom.”

It’s great to see students using their free time to help younger students, as well as staying active during lockdown.

Tags: student focus