10 June 2019

Galliford Try is the building contractor appointed by the Department of Education, and Guiseley School Sixth Form student, Milly Wilson, is currently working alongside them as part of her work experience. Asking why she chose this particular industry to gain some experience from, she said;

I’ve grown up around it all my life as it is the industry that my Dad is in too. I do work experience with him as well when I’m not here or at school. I’m just really interested in seeing these amazing developments grow from nothing into buildings that will last for years and years. It’s the career that I want and my plan after all this is to do a Project Management course at degree level rather than going to University. The guys at Galliford Try have been so good. They’re really attentive and have been getting me to do something new each time. The other day I was learning how concrete piles go in with a CFA (continuous flight auger) piling rig. I’m onto steel this week, and they also have me writing a newsletter for the local residents. It’s been really insightful and fulfilling.