17 May 2019

On Friday 26 April, students from across the Outer North West Leeds area visited the Civic Hall in Leeds to consult with local councillors on the allocation of the Youth Activity Fund. Student Ron Reville, a member of the student council at Guiseley School, summarises the events of the day:

Upon arrival, schools were seated at shared tables. Drinks and snacks were supplied and afterwards an ice breaker took place before the leader of the event took a moment to reiterate why the summit was taking place. This was followed by a short introduction from Councillor Pat Latty and a short break down of who from the local council was attending the event- including our own representative Paul Wadsworth.


We were then shown into the large debate room where many important meetings are held. A few students from each of the schools attending were allowed to ask questions in regard to anything about the council or questions in general about what the council does for the community. Eventually, it was Guiseley School's turn: “our school is trying to become greener, what is Leeds City Council doing to make Leeds a greener place”. Unfortunatley, the councillors were unable to give a clear answer. After other schools finished asking their questions, the schools took it in turns to take photos with the councillors before making their ways to the Rose Bowl for lunch.

After lunch, the schools slowly returned to Civic Hall where we had the chance to rehearse our presentation before delivering it to the other schools. After the presentations we were given another summary of the days events and discussion topics. We then waited for 10 minutes in the rain before figuring the taxi wasn’t arriving. Dr. Moss bravely stood out in the rain for a further 20 minutes before the taxis locations were found and we made our way home.

You can read the consultation report, and find out what activities students voted for the Youth Activity Fund to be used on by downloading the report here.


Guiseley Students at Leeds Civic Hall