27 June 2018

Following the Kirkland Rowell survey and further discussions with our PTA, we have reviewed our procedures around communication.

Your feedback has been invaluable and on the basis of this, we have simplified our communication strategy.

We have provided one main email addresses for queries so that we can ensure we are responding to you on a timely basis. We have also set up a dedicated email and phone number for you to let us know about any bullying concerns.

The strategy provides you with three main channels of communication (planner, email, and telephone). The student planner will be the key method of school/home communication.

Please take the time to read the attached document which sets out other key emails and contact numbers.

To complement our communications strategy, we are also pleased to launch a new platform for our school website that we hope parents will find more user-friendly. We are continually updating the information on the website to allow you to follow school news and events easier than ever before, make payments, review up to date school policies, as well as learn about the wider aspects of school life.

Yours sincerely


Paul Clayton