21 May 2018

A group of KS3 students attended the Leeds Book Awards ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall on Thursday 18th May. This was the culmination of this year’s awards process which began in January when students began to read and review the shortlisted titles in both the 11-14 and 14-16 categories. Students then voted for their favourite title at the end of April. All votes fed into the overall winner’s selection for each category. Guiseley School students voted for their winners with a tie between 11-14 'Dragon’s Green' by Scarlett Thomas and 'Welcome to Nowhere' by Elizabeth Laird and 14-16 The Crash by Lisa Drakeford. 

At the ceremony nine of the authors from both shortlists were present to answer questions from students, such as which character would you save and how much did your book change from its original idea? The winners were announced with the 11-14 category winner 'I have no secrets' by Penny Joelson and the 14-16 category winner 'The Crash' by Lisa Drakeford which made some members of the group very happy as they had voted for it. Both authors gave a short acceptance speech thanking everyone that voted for them.

After the winners were announced students then had the opportunity to meet all the authors and get books signed or ask further questions, several students were keen to meet Alice Broadway the author of 'Ink' and Pam Smy, author of 'Thornhill'.