18 May 2018

Over the past week, some students from Year 7 have been taking part in a series of knitting workshops in partnership with The Crafts Council, Leeds Arts University and University of Leeds. Working with Knit Lecturers Liz Gaston and Dr Jane Scott from the University of Leeds, students have been exploring the potential of knitting as an artistic and sculptural technique, learning how to finger knit, create large-scale nets and canopies, as well as becoming human knitting machines! Student feedback from the experience was positive, and they said that they loved making "masterpieces" and have now learned how versatile knitting is and how easy it can be to do!

Dr Scott said: "Your students were fantastic, we were very impressed with their attitude their interest and their ambition! The work that was made was outstanding and we are really looking forward to exhibiting in Leeds as I think there will be a lot of interest in the work and the school. You are clearly giving them a fantastic arts education and it is brilliant to see how you are providing such a creative approach to learning."

The final products of their hard work over the last four days will be displayed as large knitted canopies in Guiseley School over the coming weeks, as well as a public exhibition at Leeds Arts University in July.

Thank you to all involved in the sessions, especially Jane Scott, Liz Gaston, Sarah Howe and Amy Dunnill for their hard work in bringing the project together.