In Year 9 all pupils make some decisions on what they would like to study in Key Stage 4.

All pupils can choose three options. One option from block A, a second from block B, and a third from block C. All pupils are automatically entered of English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science; either Combined or Triple. We strongly recommend pupils choose both a Humanities subject and a Modern Foreign Language option to fulfil the English Baccalaureate requirements.

Students will still have Core PE lessons and will study PSHE through form tutor time, assemblies and as threads through the curriculum.

To successfully complete this process, students must rank the subjects in the form below  

  • Pupils must choose one subject and move/click it to the top of the block 
  • They should also choose a reserve subject from each block by moving/clicking the subject into the second position 
  • N.B. Where possible we will aim to meet pupil’s first three choices and will contact you if we need to use a reserve choice 
  • When opting for a Modern Foreign Language it must be the language your child is currently studying 
  • Tick the box provided to indicate if your child is interested in studying Triple Science. The Science department will provide further guidance and information to assist with this decision

Please note, Vocational qualifications are no longer 100% coursework based. They have more rigorous assessment procedures and all have an element of external assessment, which can be an examination or online test.  

  • OCR National Marketing and Enterprise (Business based)  
  • OCR National Creative iMedia (ICT based)  
  • OCR National in Sport (PE based) 
  • WJEC Hospitality & Catering (Food Technology based) 

We also advise pupils to choose only ONE vocational subject alongside their GCSE choices.