The Library has over 27,000 resources and 10 networked computers available for students and staff to access. The Library is available to staff and students from 8.00am until 4.00pm closing early on Friday at 3.30pm and students can access the Library at break and lunchtimes. It is staffed by two Librarians Miss Dunn and Mrs O’Connor, who are supported by a group of Student Librarians during break and lunchtimes.

The Library has a variety of resources available from books, newspapers, magazines, a networked library catalogue with access to educational websites, electronic resources and games.

It hosts a variety of activities from reading groups for students, to a manga/graphic novels group and Chess club which runs an annual Chess tournament.

Reading groups have been involved with the Leeds Book Awards whilst the Manga group takes part in the Young People’s Comic award.

This school year marks the fourth year of running the Accelerated Reader programme where every Year 7 and 8 student is encouraged to read for pleasure, while selecting books appropriate and challenging for them.