Assessment and tracking KS4

Students are regularly assessed in all of the subjects they study except core PE and Enrichment. We do this to check on the progress they are making and to ensure that work given is appropriate to their needs. A summary of this information is emailed to you on a termly basis in report form. It contains the following:

  • Current progress in subjects

  • Attitude to learning grade for subjects

  • Attendance information

Targets are set for all students in KS4 at the beginning of each course. These are aspirational and have been generated using our strategic knowledge of national benchmarks for the curriculum. Targets are for students to achieve at the end of each course with the appropriate effort and guidance and are personalised for every student in the school, so will vary by subject and starting point.

At Guiseley, students mainly follow GCSE programmes of study for Key Stage 4, but we also offer a range of Vocational qualifications that sit alongside these.  An overview of the full content of subjects offered can be found here

On this page, we have created some simplified outlines of the grading criteria for each of the subjects that our students study.  We hope that, along with your child’s report, you will be able to understand how your child is progressing within this grading criteria and crucially, gain some indication of what your child needs to do to make further progress.


The new GCSE Grades have now been phased in for all GCSE subjects. They cover a greater range than the old letter-based grading system and reflect the more rigorous content GCSE students are now taught. A Grade 9 is the equivalent of an old A** and only the very top students will attain these nationally.

An explanation of this can be found here and here.

Vocational courses

Alongside GCSE subjects we also offer several vocational courses. These are work-related qualifications and are designed to enable the learner to acquire knowledge and skills that meet recognised standards necessary to perform a particular job or trade. At Guiseley, we offer students two types at KS4, OCR National Certificate Level 2 and BTEC Levels 1 & 2. These are qualifications designed for those who want to continue their education through applied learning. BTEC Grades for vocational courses are equivalent to GCSE grades as shown below:

BTEC Grades for vocational courses are equivalent to GCSE grades as shown below:

BTEC Grade GCSE Grade
2D* 8.5
2D 7
2M 5.5
2P 4
1D 3
1M 2
1P 1.25

For further information

As always, the best place to get more detailed information is to attend one of our academic parents’ evenings, where our teachers will be able to talk through in more detail, how your child is doing and importantly, what they need to do next to make further progress.

Your child’s Pastoral Leader, their class teacher or the Curriculum Leader is also another key point of contact should you wish to discuss anything regarding your child’s progress at school. They can be contacted via e-mail: [email protected]