There are four Houses at Guiseley School, all named after Greek letters: Gamma, Omega, Delta and Sigma. Gamma are the current holders of the House Cup after winning by a landslide last year. House Points are awarded for taking part in a number of competitions, ranging from sports tournaments to creative activities. Highlights throughout the year include a Christmas card competition (where the winning design is sent out as the school's official card into the local community); a summer-term Bake-Off event; and an evening of House Drama, where students from each House write, direct and perform a short play in front of an audience. 

Other popular activities throughout the year include pumpkin carving, football and basketball matches and an increasingly competitive chess tournament. Alongside nominating a House Representative, students are also encouraged to complete their 'Pledge pie': fulfilling ten tasks, such as participating in a fundraising activity or other extracurricular achievements, for a chance to win an Amazon voucher. Let’s see who can win the House cup and take part in the rewards afternoon this year.