The school improvement plan has been developed by the governing body and leadership of the school in order to ensure that the strategic direction is clearly aligned with the key priorities for school improvement. 

In developing this plan, the governing body and school leadership have taken into account;

  • The areas for improvement identified by Ofsted in the October 2018 Ofsted Inspection
  • Student, Parental and Staff priorities collected through the Kirkland Rowell Survey of April 2018
  • Student and Parent voice collected through parental forums and internal student voice activities
  • Buildings and resource priorities as determined by the PSBP2 building plan.
  • Review of internal monitoring and evaluation processes
  • External reviews of school provision including Pupil Premium and SEN
  • Annual Leadership review of statutory requirements for secondary schools.



Whilst the SIP outlines key objectives for the school for the period 2018-21, it should be made clear that safeguarding is an ongoing and over-riding priority for the school.  

Everyone working in or for our school is required to help keep children and young people safe. This is achieved through providing a safe environment; identifying children and young people who are at risk; taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure students are kept safe both at home and in our school setting, and promoting the well-being of students.

Whilst the most recent Ofsted inspection found safeguarding practice to be effective, Guiseley School is nonetheless committed to constantly reviewing and updating our safeguarding practice to ensure that we respond to the needs of our young people and can continue to keep them safe.

School Improvement Plan